2017 Central Coast STEM Expo

Friday & Saturday, May 19-20

Lompoc High School Gymnasium




Judging Times for Your Project (sorted by last name)

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Teacherís Page & Timeline

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Studentís Resource Page

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Project Topics Page

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Steps to Prepare and Register - Registration Deadline - April 21, 2017

STEP 1: Review rules (do with teacher, parent or mentor) Ė Best to accomplish before March 17, 2017

General Rules & Requirements


STEP 2: Choose a project (work with teacher and team) Ė Best to accomplish before March 17, 2017

Some Project Ideas


STEP 3: Teachers print Introduction & Pre-Registration Pledge forms and send home for parentís to read, complete and sign (return to teacher)- Recommend sending home by March 20, and best to receive back by-April 7, 2017

Introduction & Pre-Registration Pledge forms


STEP 4: Use information from Pre-Registration & Pledge form to register online (work with partner & teacher/parent or mentor) - Accomplish before April 21, 2017

Registration is closed for 2017 STEM Expo



Engineering Demonstration projects click below (complete with teacher or mentor help) - Accomplish before April 21, 2017

Engineering Design Demonstration Process Form




May 19 & 20 Weekend Agenda

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Invitation Poster